We are entrepreneurs, passionate about scaling

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Entrepreneurs at heart, we find innovative ways to bring health solutions to more people.  Our purpose binds us while we bring solid track records in business model innovation, strategy, marketing, and go-to-market operations in the public health, life sciences, healthcare, and technology sectors.
  1. Adnan H. Mirza
    Adnan H. Mirza
    Adnan believes that health is a skill that everyone can learn. He has over 20 years of experience in delivering strategic, innovation and operations related projects for multinational and public health organizations – and is also the founder of Heartbeat Ventures.
  2. Adriaan de Vries
    Adriaan de Vries
    Adriaan comes from a family of doctors, so working in healthcare comes naturally to him. He is an experienced strategy consultant and interim manager, and is passionate about leading teams and developing people through change programs.
  3. Ashley Hoy
    Ashley Hoy
    Ashley merges her business acumen and creative thinking skills, all to develop sustainable and scalable health solutions. In every project, she brings her global perspective and a passion for building a healthier world. She also loves to scuba dive and dance.
  4. Boudewijn Hubert
    Boudewijn Hubert
    Boudewijn believes that the healthcare landscape is ripe for change, and brings exceptional business analysis skills to serve this purpose, along with significant experience in the areas of business case development, data analytics and process optimization.
  5. Renée Narinx
    Renée Narinx
    Renée's passion is purpose driven societal impact. In her work she strives to combine her mental healthcare and corporate work experience. She values authentic communication and a well-balanced workflow. She is also a yoga teacher and loves to watch arthouse films.
  6. Pepi Mihalitsianou
    Pepi Mihalitsianou
    Pepi is passionate about bringing health to more people through innovative and unconventional channels. She combines growth and digital marketing and user-centred design thinking to empower people with healthy living opportunities. She also loves sailing and cooking.
  7. Judith Sander
    Judith Sander
    Judith is a curious connector with great empathy. With the objective of contributing to a "better world", her project and stakeholder management expertise helps scale sustainable solutions for a future-proof society within a healthy planet. She also loves mountain climbing and kite surfing.
  8. Remco Lassche
    Remco Lassche
    Remco is all about combining the significant experience he brings from the healthcare sector with his business education to realize true health innovations. He also loves to cook, cycle in the mountains, play the guitar and do cold weather training.